Utah custom home builders

For a quality custom home, you need an experienced Utah custom home builder. We'll help you choose the right builder to build the home of your dreams. (If you're in the market for a true custom home right now, see True custom home builders below.)

Tract homes vs. custom homes

Tract homes, or production homes, are similarly-styled homes built in a community. Their floor plans are similar, but they have slight variations that generally do a nice job of setting them apart. They are generally built by the larger home builders and several are built at the same time.

Custom homes by definition, on the other hand, are built one at a time. They are unique in floor plan and design.

Most Utah custom homes

Most custom homes are somewhere in the middle. They're not tract homes, but they're not totally unique either.

These homes are generally larger and often not a first home purchase. You'll find these homes in many upscale communities.

Many custom home builders are offer a wide range of floor plans, styles and prices. These builders are more flexible in adapting a particular plan. They're also more willing and able to use a plan you provide.

True custom home builders

If you're in the market for a true custom home, I can help you with my list of top custom home builders. They are very experienced in building medium to large custom homes. Each has a particular area of expertise, such as location, size and type of home.

If you're prepared with your own design, or need help at any point in the design phase, please feel free to contact me on my contact form, or just give me a call: Ken Parker, 801-870-2772. I will be happy to help you through the process, and help you select the right custom home builder to meet your particular needs.