Top Utah builders

When searching for the top Utah builders, be sure to carefully consider the answer to this question: Is my chosen builder a good businessman?

Whether you are buying a brand new home or building one from the start, the requirement is the same. You want a businessman to build your home.

Many guys may know how to build a house and honestly believe they can build it as good as the next guy, or build it cheaper or better. But I've seen too many horror stories, usually by nice guys that just got in over their heads.

Why you want a businessman to build your home

Building a home requires so much more than technical know-how. The business aspects are too often minimized or overlooked by wannabe builders. Working with developers, securing building permits, paying invoices, keeping on schedule, handling contingencies and myriads of paperwork — all this and much more requires a businessman's set of skills.

Dealing with subcontractors is an area of expertise all by itself. Finding and maintaining a good list of subs is difficult. And, after all, it's the subcontractors that actually build the house.

Years ago I read a book that dispelled the myth that any technician (plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc.) can make a good entrepreneur or businessman. It just isn't true. Some can, most can't. Good Utah builders are good businessmen.

Two examples

To illustrate this principle, I recently visited with a very nice young mother in the process of building her first home who had to change home builders. The first guy seemed to know what he was doing, but after six months all she had was a hole in the ground and lots of excuses.

Her additional costs in penalties and fees, not to mention increased material costs, will affect her family until they move or it's paid off. The emotional stress will be remembered forever.

The top Utah builders will do better than that!

A nice guy home builder I know is pretty unorganized. His buyers end up doing a lot of things he should be doing. Recently, one of his home buyers arranged for some landscaping that she understood was going to be about $3,400. Imagine what happened when she got the bill for $34,000! Maybe she should have known better, but how many people really would? Takes the fun right out of building a dream home.

Build wisely

The top Utah builders will have good, verifiable track records. It takes time and experience. Everyone gets his or her start somewhere, but be careful who you let practice on you.

An intern, watching a surgeon removing an appendix, remarked that the job looked pretty easy. The wise doctor replied, "I can show you how to do it in twenty minutes, but it will take me 20 years to tell you what to do if something goes wrong."

The top Utah builders we have in our database are business people. They can get the job done right.

Top home builders

Here are the top Utah home builders currently building along the Wasatch Front:

Alpine Homes Arive Homes Bach Homes Bangerter Homes
Brad Reynolds Construction Brighton Homes Building Dynamics Cadence Homes
Castle Creek Homes Castlewood Development Century Communities CW Urban
David Weekley Homes Destination Homes DR Horton Edge Homes
Elite Craft Homes Fieldstone Homes Garbett Homes Georgetown Development
Gough Homes GTM Builders Hallmark Homes Hamlet Homes
Hardrock Homes Henry Walker Homes Holmes Homes Home Center Construction
Ivory Homes J. Thomas Homes Lennar Homes Liberty Homes
McArthur Homes Millcreek Homes Mountain Vista Homes Nilson Homes
Oakwood Homes OLO Builders Ovation Homes Patterson Homes
Perry Homes Peterson Homes Rainey Homes Richmond American Homes
Salisbury Homes Sego Homes Sierra Homes Symphony Homes
Toll Brothers Visionary Homes Watts Enterprises Woodside Homes
Wright Homes

Your home will be in good hands with any of these construction companies in Utah.