Choose the right Utah home builder

You’ll find everything here that you need to choose the right Utah home builder. We’ll also help you find the right home design, and the right place to buy it or build it.

Over 500 home builders built new homes in Utah in the last 12 months. The choice is large, so let’s get started. Skip to the list of builders.

Narrowing the list

It’s true that each Utah home builder is a licensed contractor, all 500+ of them. However, you must be very careful to choose one that is reliable. Generally speaking, do you want to hire a builder or buy a home from a builder who is just getting started?

Home building, like any business, is a business. So many things can, and do, go wrong that we highly suggest you stick with a list of experienced business people.

See why not just any builder will do. An inexperienced builder can cost you a lot of money and turn your dream home into a nightmare. Buyer beware!

So, first of all, over 300 of these builders only built 1 home. Add to that those who built 3 or less and you’re over 400. That’s 80%! You should be very careful about using these builders.

Having said that, could one of these 80%'ers do just fine, stay within budget, handle warranty concerns, etc.? Sure. And you can also go to Las Vegas and win big.

Well, maybe your odds are better than in Las Vegas, but I’ve seen so many problems over the years with less experienced home builders. Even honest, hard working, good guys aren’t necessarily good business people.

Custom Homes. If you’re looking to buy a true custom home, check out this important information.

There’s a reason that 20% of the Utah home builders built 80% of the homes. They’re business people. They’ve been around. If you want to win, stick with the best odds.

Narrowing the list a little more

Number wise, the top 20%, or about 100 builders, built over 400 homes.

Now this is important:

  • the top 10% built about 75% of the new homes in Utah
  • the top 5% (about 25 builders) built over 60% of these homes.

Again, your best odds are with these top builders. They are the top builders in Utah because, year in and year out, they keep customers happy.

Conclusion? Stick with the top 10-20%. We know who they are, and now we’ll help you find which Utah home builder will be the best one, the right one for you.


Here's our list of builders who are currently building in specific communities. Click here for a utah home builder who builds custom homes. Some of the builders below are also custom home builders.

Builder Communities/
Counties Home Designs
Alpine Homes 4 2 19
Bangerter Homes 4 3 37
Benchmark Homes 6 1 23
Bigg Homes 8 1 10
Bishop Homes 15 5 15
Building Dynamics 4 2 70
Castle Creek Homes 18 3 45
Destination Homes 8 3 34
DR Horton 7 2 27
Fieldstone Homes 7 4 25
Garbett Homes 4 2 37
Georgetown Development 3 1 35
Gough Homes 8 1 44
Hallmark Homes 7 4 24
Hamlet Homes 5 1 32
Holmes Homes 2 2 51
Ivory Homes 49 6 220
Liberty Homes 12 3 58
McArthur Homes 2 1 31
Mountain Vista Homes 6 2 33
Nilson Homes 8 3 21
Patterson Homes 18 2 132
Perry Homes 14 3 42
Peterson Homes 4 1 12
Rainey Homes 7 4 56
Reliance Homes 5 2 47
Richmond American Homes 18 5 63
Salisbury Homes 16 1 58
Watts Enterprises 6 2 18
Woodside Homes 7 2 84


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