New Home Communities in Utah

Start here discovering where new home communities in Utah are being built by Utah's home builders. You will find the newest and hottest home developments all along the Wasatch Front.

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Home builders generally refer to their developments as "communities." So don't mistake a "community" for a city or a town as you use this site. The word "subdivision" isn't used much anymore in marketing new homes.

New home developments in Utah

This interactive map below shows many of the new home communities in Utah that are currently available. Simply double-click on any spot to zoom in. Hold down the left mouse key to move the map around. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the "+" or "-" boxes in the map slider on the left side.

Click a red marker for more information on that location, or click a community name in the sidebar menu on the right.

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Below you'll find 2 tables showing the top new home communities in Utah, along with their location and the number of top builders building in them.

The first table is sorted by County, and the second table is sorted by Community/Subdivision name.

New Utah neighborhoods, ready to build or move into:

New home communities in Utah -
ready to build or move into immediately
sorted by county
County Communities/
City Top
DavisArlington EstatesSyracuse1
DavisBartholomew LaneWest Point1
DavisBison PointeWest Point1
DavisBriarwood HollowClearfield1
DavisBridgeway IslandSyracuse4
DavisCanterbury Crossing-SyracuseSyracuse1
DavisCanyon MeadowsSouth Weber1
DavisChapel Ridge CoveCenterville1
DavisChelemes FarmsClearfield1
DavisCherry VillageSyracuse1
DavisChestnut FarmsFarmington1
DavisClifford Park EstatesClearfield1
DavisClinton HomesteadClinton2
DavisColes CrossingLayton1
DavisCottages at Cherry LaneLayton1
DavisCottonwood CoveSouth Weber1
DavisCranefield EstatesClinton1
DavisCriddle HomesteadSyracuse1
DavisCrimson CornersLayton2
DavisCrofters CoveSyracuse1
DavisEaglepointe EstatesNorth Salt Lake1
DavisEastridge EstatesFarmington1
DavisEastwood CoveFarmington1
DavisFairfield Meadows-KaysvilleKaysville1
DavisFoothills at Cherry LaneLayton2
DavisFoxboro North AmberlyNorth Salt Lake1
DavisFoxboro North CambriaNorth Salt Lake1
DavisFoxboro North StonehavenNorth Salt Lake1
DavisFoxboro SouthNorth Salt Lake1
DavisGardeners GroveSouth Weber1
DavisGlen EagleSyracuse1
DavisGrey HawkLayton1
DavisHill FarmsKaysville1
DavisHunters CreekFarmington1
DavisKays LandingKaysville1
DavisKennington ParkwayLayton1
DavisKensington CourtBountiful1
DavisLaurelwood LaneSyracuse1
DavisLegacy EstatesWoods Cross1
DavisMadyson AcresClinton1
DavisMiller MeadowsFarmington1
DavisMiller SpringsSyracuse1
DavisMonte BellaKaysville1
DavisMountain ViewWoods Cross1
DavisMountain VistasKaysville1
DavisNorth Fork EstatesKaysville1
DavisOakridge EstatesLayton1
DavisOld Mill VillageKaysville1
DavisOrchard FarmsFruit Heights1
DavisPark VillageClearfield1
DavisPinehurst PlaceLayton1
DavisSandalwood CoveSouth Weber1
DavisS and S EstatesSouth Weber1
DavisSan MeliaSyracuse1
DavisSawgrass MeadowsSyracuse1
DavisShadow CrossingKaysville1
DavisSiena VillasSyracuse1
DavisSilverleaf EstatesSouth Weber2
DavisSilver OaksCenterville1
DavisSpring CreekFarmington1
DavisSuncrest ParkKaysville1
DavisSunset Equestrian EstatesKaysville3
DavisTanner HeritageClearfield1
DavisThe Pines at North CanyonBountiful1
DavisThe Villas at Harmony PlaceLayton2
DavisWasatch VillasSyracuse1
DavisWeaver MeadowsLayton1
DavisWest Cottonwood EstatesKaysville1
DavisWhisper CreekKaysville1
DavisWise Country MeadowsWest Point1
DavisYalecrestWest Point1
MorganAspen MeadowsMountain Green1
MorganRollins RanchMountain Green1
Salt LakeAlegre VistaSandy1
Salt LakeAspen CrestSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeAugust FarmsWest Valley City1
Salt LakeAutumn LeafSouth Jordan3
Salt LakeBeacon Hill EstatesHerriman1
Salt LakeBellasolHerriman1
Salt LakeBellevueDraper1
Salt LakeBison RidgeSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeBlackhawk EstatesHerriman1
Salt LakeBloomfield EstatesWest Jordan1
Salt LakeBloomfield HeightsWest Jordan1
Salt LakeBluffs at HerrimanHerriman1
Salt LakeBradbury MeadowsRiverton1
Salt LakeBridgeportWest Jordan1
Salt LakeCarlisle PlaceMurray1
Salt LakeCentral 72Midvale1
Salt LakeCopperfieldWest Jordan1
Salt LakeCottages at Chapel DellTaylorsville1
Salt LakeCottages at the North DistrictSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeCountry ViewRiverton1
Salt LakeCrandall CoveSalt Lake City1
Salt LakeDaybreak Creekside VillageSouth Jordan7
Salt LakeDaybreak Garden ParkSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeDaybreak Lake VillageSouth Jordan4
Salt LakeDaybreak SoDa RowSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeDesert CreekHerriman1
Salt LakeDiamond SummitWest Valley City1
Salt LakeDiscoveryWest Jordan1
Salt LakeDraper HillsideDraper1
Salt LakeDraperville FarmsDraper1
Salt LakeDuck CreekWest Jordan1
Salt LakeEagle Ridge-DraperDraper1
Salt LakeEast RiverwalkMidvale1
Salt LakeEcho RidgeWest Jordan1
Salt LakeFort Herriman CoveHerriman1
Salt LakeFullmer FarmsWest Jordan1
Salt LakeGalena GroveDraper1
Salt LakeGroves at CottonwoodMurray1
Salt LakeHarvest CrossingSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeHayden CourtWest Jordan1
Salt LakeHenrys PlaceWest Jordan1
Salt LakeHerriman Towne CenterHerriman3
Salt LakeHighbury at Lake ParkWest Valley City1
Salt LakeHighland GardensMidvale1
Salt LakeHigh PointeSouth Jordan2
Salt LakeHolladay GlenHolladay1
Salt LakeHunter WillowsWest Valley City1
Salt LakeIndependence at the PointBluffdale4
Salt LakeIndependence CottagesBluffdale1
Salt LakeIvory CrossingSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeJackson DownsSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeJones Farm WestSouth Jordan3
Salt LakeJordan HeightsSouth Jordan3
Salt LakeLincoln ParkSouth Salt Lake1
Salt LakeLoneviewWest Jordan1
Salt LakeLookout RidgeHerriman2
Salt LakeMajestic MeadowsWest Jordan1
Salt LakeMaple HillsWest Jordan1
Salt LakeMidas CreekSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeNorth MeadowsMagna1
Salt LakeOak Meadows at Elk RunMagna1
Salt LakeOakwood CoveSandy1
Salt LakeOquirrh ParkSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeOquirrh View EstatesMagna1
Salt LakeOxford CreekMurray1
Salt LakePalisade AcresBluffdale1
Salt LakePalomino CoveSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeParry FarmsBluffdale2
Salt LakePepperwood CreekSandy1
Salt LakePlum Blossom EstatesSouth Jordan1
Salt LakePlymouth TownsSalt Lake City1
Salt LakeProvidence PointHerriman1
Salt LakeRiver OaksSandy1
Salt LakeRosecrestHerriman6
Salt LakeRoyal FarmsRiverton1
Salt LakeRoyal Oak EstatesCottonwood Heights1
Salt LakeSage EstatesBluffdale1
Salt LakeSantorini VilliageSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeSarah PointSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeSouth RidgeWest Valley City1
Salt LakeSpringview FarmsBluffdale1
Salt LakeStoneleigh HeightsDraper1
Salt LakeSummerwood EstatesRiverton1
Salt LakeSunflower CrossingDraper1
Salt LakeSunset at Draper RidgeDraper1
Salt LakeSunset HillsWest Valley City1
Salt LakeSunset PointeHerriman1
Salt LakeSycamoresWest Jordan2
Salt LakeTerraNovaKearns1
Salt LakeThe BluffsSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeThe Cottages at the Rose GardensSandy1
Salt LakeThe CoveHerriman2
Salt LakeThe Cove at RiverwoodSandy1
Salt LakeThe DistrictSouth Jordan1
Salt LakeThe Falls at Boulden RidgeBluffdale3
Salt LakeThe OaksHerriman1
Salt LakeThe Ranches-West JordanWest Jordan1
Salt LakeThe Residences at Park AvenueRiverton1
Salt LakeThompson PlaceHerriman1
Salt LakeThree ForksWest Jordan3
Salt LakeTobermory RidgeHolladay1
Salt LakeTolman FarmsSandy1
Salt LakeValle Di VillaDraper1
Salt LakeVillages at RosecrestHerriman1
Salt LakeVistas at WestridgeWest Valley City2
Salt LakeWaterside TownhomesTaylorsville1
Salt LakeWestbrook MeadowsHerriman2
Salt LakeWestern CreekHerriman1
Salt LakeWestern FlatsWest Valley City1
Salt LakeWestern SpringsRiverton1
Salt LakeWest Ridge EstatesWest Valley City1
Salt LakeWheadon PreserveDraper1
Salt LakeWhispering PinesHerriman1
Salt LakeWoodley PlaceHolladay1
TooeleBenson Mill CrossingStansbury Park1
TooeleCanyon Rim EstatesTooele1
TooeleCanyon VillageTooele2
TooeleCarriage CrossingGrantsville1
TooeleCopper CanyonTooele2
TooeleLoma VistaTooele1
TooeleMeadows at Ranch RoadGrantsville1
TooelePicket Lane IIStansbury Park1
TooeleShadybrook LaneStansbury Park1
TooeleStansbury PlaceStansbury Park2
TooeleSunset EstatesTooele1
UtahAdams GrovePleasant Grove1
UtahApple CoveSantaquin1
UtahArnold EstatesLehi1
UtahAspen HollowHighland1
UtahAspen ViewOrem1
UtahAutumn CrestAmerican Fork1
UtahAutumn ViewProvo1
UtahBadger HollowSalem1
UtahBanbury CourtLehi1
UtahBeacon HillsHighland2
UtahBenches at Saratoga HillsSaratoga Springs2
UtahBoulder SpringsSpringville1
UtahBox ElderAlpine1
UtahBreckenridge EstatesMapleton1
UtahBrooks MeadowLehi1
UtahCambridge CourtAmerican Fork1
UtahCanyon HillsLehi1
UtahCedar PointSantaquin1
UtahColonial ParkLehi1
UtahCountry French EstatesHighland1
UtahCreek SideAmerican Fork1
UtahCrystal SpringsSpringville1
UtahCullimore CourtLindon1
UtahDry Creek HighlandsHighland1
UtahEagle PointEagle Mountain1
UtahEagle RidgeLehi1
UtahEagle SummitLehi1
UtahEast MountainProvo1
UtahEast Mountain-AlpineAlpine1
UtahEstates at Clydesdale BendProvo1
UtahEvans RanchEagle Mountain1
UtahFisher FarmsProvo1
UtahFoothill ParkProvo1
UtahFox HollowSaratoga Springs1
UtahGreen SpringsSpringville1
UtahHarbor BaySaratoga Springs1
UtahHarbor VillageAmerican Fork1
UtahHarvest MeadowsSpringville1
UtahHunters MeadowPleasant Grove1
UtahIndependence AveProvo1
UtahIvory RidgeLehi1
UtahJacobs RanchSaratoga Springs1
UtahJacobs WellEagle Mountain1
UtahJames CourtAmerican Fork1
UtahJessies BrookSpringville1
UtahJoshua CourtAmerican Fork1
UtahKensington PlaceLehi1
UtahLakeview FieldsProvo1
UtahLake View TerraceSaratoga Springs1
UtahLand RockSaratoga Springs1
UtahLarson FarmsLehi1
UtahLegacy FarmsSpanish Fork1
UtahLiberty CoveAmerican Fork1
UtahLiberty PlaceProvo1
UtahMaple HighlandsSpanish Fork1
UtahMaple MountainSpanish Fork1
UtahMapleton HighlandsMapleton1
UtahMari-Lee MeadowsPleasant Grove1
UtahMayfieldPleasant Grove1
UtahMitchell SpringsAmerican Fork1
UtahMountain RidgeHighland2
UtahMountain Vista EstatesOrem1
UtahMt. AireyEagle Mountain1
UtahMustang HollowLehi1
UtahNewell CoveOrem1
UtahNorth Bench VistaLehi1
UtahNorthmoorEagle Mountain2
UtahNorth ParkAmerican Fork1
UtahOak SummitSantaquin1
UtahOstergaard EstatesOrem1
UtahParksideEagle Mountain1
UtahParkside EstatesSaratoga Springs1
UtahPayson View EstatesPayson1
UtahPheasant MeadowOrem1
UtahPheasant ValleySpringville1
UtahRiver MeadowAlpine1
UtahRiver Park West TownhomesSpringville1
UtahSage ValleyEagle Mountain1
UtahSaratoga HillsSaratoga Springs1
UtahSierra EstatesSaratoga Springs1
UtahSilver LakeEagle Mountain3
UtahSimpson SpringsEagle Mountain1
UtahSleepy RidgeVineyard2
UtahSnow SpringsLehi1
UtahSouthmoorEagle Mountain2
UtahSpanish HighlandsSpanish Fork1
UtahSpanish TrailsSpanish Fork1
UtahSpring Creek RanchLehi2
UtahSpring RanchLehi1
UtahSpringside MeadowsPayson1
UtahStillwaterSaratoga Springs1
UtahTerravistaCedar Hills1
UtahThanksgiving MeadowsLehi1
UtahThe CommonsPleasant Grove1
UtahThe Cove at Jordan RiverSaratoga Springs1
UtahThe OrchardsSantaquin1
UtahThe Preserve at Fox HollowSaratoga Springs1
UtahTimp CoveHighland1
UtahValley View RanchEagle Mountain1
UtahVal VistaAmerican Fork1
UtahWalkers LandingPleasant Grove1
UtahWhisper RockMapleton1
WasatchAspen PointeHeber City1
WasatchCrossing at Lake CreekHeber City1
WasatchDutch Fields HomesteadsMidway2
WasatchHarvest FieldsHeber City1
WasatchMidway VillageMidway1
WasatchMill Road EstatesHeber City1
WasatchRanch LandingHeber City1
WasatchRed LedgesHeber City2
WasatchRetreat at JordanelleWasatch County1
WasatchThe Cottages at Dutch FieldsMidway1
WasatchTriple CrownHeber City1
WasatchWheeler ParkHeber City2
WeberBrookfield MeadowsHooper1
WeberCambridge EstatesWest Haven1
WeberCamelot CoveWest Haven1
WeberCombe FarmsRiverdale1
WeberCountry Boy EstatesNorth Ogden1
WeberCountry FieldsPleasant View1
WeberCountry HavenWest Haven1
WeberElbow Room EstatesWest Haven1
WeberFarr West MeadowsFarr West2
WeberFort BinghamOgden1
WeberFox MeadowsPleasant View1
WeberGolf Crest VillageHarrisville1
WeberHaven EstatesWest Haven1
WeberHigley MeadowsHooper1
WeberJacobs MillPleasant View1
WeberLakeview FarmsHooper2
WeberMasons CoveNorth Ogden1
WeberMiya MeadowsFarr West1
WeberMystery MeadowsNorth Ogden1
WeberPheasant HollowPlain City1
WeberPleasant FieldsPleasant View1
WeberThe Cove at Pleasant ViewPleasant View1
WeberThoroughbred MeadowsHarrisville1
WeberTrappers RidgeEden1
WeberTuscan EstatesSouth Ogden1
WeberWhispering MeadowsRoy1
WeberWildflower EstatesHarrisville1
WeberWillow BrookPleasant View1
WeberWoodstoneWest Haven1

New Utah neighborhoods, ready to build or move into:

Here are the top new home communities in Utah sorted by Community/Subdivision name.

New home communities in Utah -
ready to build or move into immediately sorted by community
County City Top
Adams GroveUtahPleasant Grove1
Alegre VistaSalt LakeSandy1
Apple CoveUtahSantaquin1
Arlington EstatesDavisSyracuse1
Arnold EstatesUtahLehi1
Aspen CrestSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Aspen HollowUtahHighland1
Aspen MeadowsMorganMountain Green1
Aspen PointeWasatchHeber City1
Aspen ViewUtahOrem1
August FarmsSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Autumn CrestUtahAmerican Fork1
Autumn LeafSalt LakeSouth Jordan3
Autumn ViewUtahProvo1
Badger HollowUtahSalem1
Banbury CourtUtahLehi1
Bartholomew LaneDavisWest Point1
Beacon Hill EstatesSalt LakeHerriman1
Beacon HillsUtahHighland2
BellasolSalt LakeHerriman1
BellevueSalt LakeDraper1
Benches at Saratoga HillsUtahSaratoga Springs2
Benson Mill CrossingTooeleStansbury Park1
Bison PointeDavisWest Point1
Bison RidgeSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Blackhawk EstatesSalt LakeHerriman1
Bloomfield EstatesSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Bloomfield HeightsSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Bluffs at HerrimanSalt LakeHerriman1
Boulder SpringsUtahSpringville1
Box ElderUtahAlpine1
Bradbury MeadowsSalt LakeRiverton1
Breckenridge EstatesUtahMapleton1
Briarwood HollowDavisClearfield1
BridgeportSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Bridgeway IslandDavisSyracuse4
Brookfield MeadowsWeberHooper1
Brooks MeadowUtahLehi1
Cambridge CourtUtahAmerican Fork1
Cambridge EstatesWeberWest Haven1
Camelot CoveWeberWest Haven1
Canterbury Crossing-SyracuseDavisSyracuse1
Canyon HillsUtahLehi1
Canyon MeadowsDavisSouth Weber1
Canyon Rim EstatesTooeleTooele1
Canyon VillageTooeleTooele2
Carlisle PlaceSalt LakeMurray1
Carriage CrossingTooeleGrantsville1
Cedar PointUtahSantaquin1
Central 72Salt LakeMidvale1
Chapel Ridge CoveDavisCenterville1
Chelemes FarmsDavisClearfield1
Cherry VillageDavisSyracuse1
Chestnut FarmsDavisFarmington1
Clifford Park EstatesDavisClearfield1
Clinton HomesteadDavisClinton2
Coles CrossingDavisLayton1
Colonial ParkUtahLehi1
Combe FarmsWeberRiverdale1
Copper CanyonTooeleTooele2
CopperfieldSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Cottages at Chapel DellSalt LakeTaylorsville1
Cottages at Cherry LaneDavisLayton1
Cottages at the North DistrictSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Cottonwood CoveDavisSouth Weber1
Country Boy EstatesWeberNorth Ogden1
Country FieldsWeberPleasant View1
Country French EstatesUtahHighland1
Country HavenWeberWest Haven1
Country ViewSalt LakeRiverton1
Crandall CoveSalt LakeSalt Lake City1
Cranefield EstatesDavisClinton1
Creek SideUtahAmerican Fork1
Criddle HomesteadDavisSyracuse1
Crimson CornersDavisLayton2
Crofters CoveDavisSyracuse1
Crossing at Lake CreekWasatchHeber City1
Crystal SpringsUtahSpringville1
Cullimore CourtUtahLindon1
Daybreak Creekside VillageSalt LakeSouth Jordan7
Daybreak Garden ParkSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Daybreak Lake VillageSalt LakeSouth Jordan4
Daybreak SoDa RowSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Desert CreekSalt LakeHerriman1
Diamond SummitSalt LakeWest Valley City1
DiscoverySalt LakeWest Jordan1
Draper HillsideSalt LakeDraper1
Draperville FarmsSalt LakeDraper1
Dry Creek HighlandsUtahHighland1
Duck CreekSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Dutch Fields HomesteadsWasatchMidway2
Eagle PointUtahEagle Mountain1
Eagle RidgeUtahLehi1
Eagle Ridge-DraperSalt LakeDraper1
Eagle SummitUtahLehi1
Eaglepointe EstatesDavisNorth Salt Lake1
East MountainUtahProvo1
East Mountain-AlpineUtahAlpine1
East RiverwalkSalt LakeMidvale1
Eastridge EstatesDavisFarmington1
Eastwood CoveDavisFarmington1
Echo RidgeSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Elbow Room EstatesWeberWest Haven1
Estates at Clydesdale BendUtahProvo1
Evans RanchUtahEagle Mountain1
Fairfield Meadows-KaysvilleDavisKaysville1
Farr West MeadowsWeberFarr West2
Fisher FarmsUtahProvo1
Foothill ParkUtahProvo1
Foothills at Cherry LaneDavisLayton2
Fort BinghamWeberOgden1
Fort Herriman CoveSalt LakeHerriman1
Fox HollowUtahSaratoga Springs1
Fox MeadowsWeberPleasant View1
Foxboro North AmberlyDavisNorth Salt Lake1
Foxboro North CambriaDavisNorth Salt Lake1
Foxboro North StonehavenDavisNorth Salt Lake1
Foxboro SouthDavisNorth Salt Lake1
Fullmer FarmsSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Galena GroveSalt LakeDraper1
Gardeners GroveDavisSouth Weber1
Glen EagleDavisSyracuse1
Golf Crest VillageWeberHarrisville1
Green SpringsUtahSpringville1
Grey HawkDavisLayton1
Groves at CottonwoodSalt LakeMurray1
Harbor BayUtahSaratoga Springs1
Harbor VillageUtahAmerican Fork1
Harvest CrossingSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Harvest FieldsWasatchHeber City1
Harvest MeadowsUtahSpringville1
Haven EstatesWeberWest Haven1
Hayden CourtSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Henrys PlaceSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Herriman Towne CenterSalt LakeHerriman3
High PointeSalt LakeSouth Jordan2
Highbury at Lake ParkSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Highland GardensSalt LakeMidvale1
Higley MeadowsWeberHooper1
Hill FarmsDavisKaysville1
Holladay GlenSalt LakeHolladay1
Hunter WillowsSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Hunters CreekDavisFarmington1
Hunters MeadowUtahPleasant Grove1
Independence at the PointSalt LakeBluffdale4
Independence AveUtahProvo1
Independence CottagesSalt LakeBluffdale1
Ivory CrossingSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Ivory RidgeUtahLehi1
Jackson DownsSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Jacobs MillWeberPleasant View1
Jacobs RanchUtahSaratoga Springs1
Jacobs WellUtahEagle Mountain1
James CourtUtahAmerican Fork1
Jessies BrookUtahSpringville1
Jones Farm WestSalt LakeSouth Jordan3
Jordan HeightsSalt LakeSouth Jordan3
Joshua CourtUtahAmerican Fork1
Kays LandingDavisKaysville1
Kennington ParkwayDavisLayton1
Kensington CourtDavisBountiful1
Kensington PlaceUtahLehi1
Lake View TerraceUtahSaratoga Springs1
Lakeview FarmsWeberHooper2
Lakeview FieldsUtahProvo1
Land RockUtahSaratoga Springs1
Larson FarmsUtahLehi1
Laurelwood LaneDavisSyracuse1
Legacy EstatesDavisWoods Cross1
Legacy FarmsUtahSpanish Fork1
Liberty CoveUtahAmerican Fork1
Liberty PlaceUtahProvo1
Lincoln ParkSalt LakeSouth Salt Lake1
Loma VistaTooeleTooele1
LoneviewSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Lookout RidgeSalt LakeHerriman2
Madyson AcresDavisClinton1
Majestic MeadowsSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Maple HighlandsUtahSpanish Fork1
Maple HillsSalt LakeWest Jordan1
Maple MountainUtahSpanish Fork1
Mapleton HighlandsUtahMapleton1
Mari-Lee MeadowsUtahPleasant Grove1
Masons CoveWeberNorth Ogden1
MayfieldUtahPleasant Grove1
Meadows at Ranch RoadTooeleGrantsville1
Midas CreekSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Midway VillageWasatchMidway1
Mill Road EstatesWasatchHeber City1
Miller MeadowsDavisFarmington1
Miller SpringsDavisSyracuse1
Mitchell SpringsUtahAmerican Fork1
Miya MeadowsWeberFarr West1
Monte BellaDavisKaysville1
Mountain RidgeUtahHighland2
Mountain ViewDavisWoods Cross1
Mountain Vista EstatesUtahOrem1
Mountain VistasDavisKaysville1
Mt. AireyUtahEagle Mountain1
Mustang HollowUtahLehi1
Mystery MeadowsWeberNorth Ogden1
Newell CoveUtahOrem1
North Bench VistaUtahLehi1
North Fork EstatesDavisKaysville1
North MeadowsSalt LakeMagna1
North ParkUtahAmerican Fork1
NorthmoorUtahEagle Mountain2
Oak Meadows at Elk RunSalt LakeMagna1
Oak SummitUtahSantaquin1
Oakridge EstatesDavisLayton1
Oakwood CoveSalt LakeSandy1
Old Mill VillageDavisKaysville1
Oquirrh ParkSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Oquirrh View EstatesSalt LakeMagna1
Orchard FarmsDavisFruit Heights1
Ostergaard EstatesUtahOrem1
Oxford CreekSalt LakeMurray1
Palisade AcresSalt LakeBluffdale1
Palomino CoveSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Park VillageDavisClearfield1
ParksideUtahEagle Mountain1
Parkside EstatesUtahSaratoga Springs1
Parry FarmsSalt LakeBluffdale2
Payson View EstatesUtahPayson1
Pepperwood CreekSalt LakeSandy1
Pheasant HollowWeberPlain City1
Pheasant MeadowUtahOrem1
Pheasant ValleyUtahSpringville1
Picket Lane IITooeleStansbury Park1
Pinehurst PlaceDavisLayton1
Pleasant FieldsWeberPleasant View1
Plum Blossom EstatesSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Plymouth TownsSalt LakeSalt Lake City1
Providence PointSalt LakeHerriman1
Ranch LandingWasatchHeber City1
Red LedgesWasatchHeber City2
Retreat at JordanelleWasatchWasatch County1
River MeadowUtahAlpine1
River OaksSalt LakeSandy1
River Park West TownhomesUtahSpringville1
Rollins RanchMorganMountain Green1
RosecrestSalt LakeHerriman6
Royal FarmsSalt LakeRiverton1
Royal Oak EstatesSalt LakeCottonwood Heights1
S and S EstatesDavisSouth Weber1
Sage EstatesSalt LakeBluffdale1
Sage ValleyUtahEagle Mountain1
San MeliaDavisSyracuse1
Sandalwood CoveDavisSouth Weber1
Santorini VilliageSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Sarah PointSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
Saratoga HillsUtahSaratoga Springs1
Sawgrass MeadowsDavisSyracuse1
Shadow CrossingDavisKaysville1
Shadybrook LaneTooeleStansbury Park1
Siena VillasDavisSyracuse1
Sierra EstatesUtahSaratoga Springs1
Silver LakeUtahEagle Mountain3
Silver OaksDavisCenterville1
Silverleaf EstatesDavisSouth Weber2
Simpson SpringsUtahEagle Mountain1
Sleepy RidgeUtahVineyard2
Snow SpringsUtahLehi1
South RidgeSalt LakeWest Valley City1
SouthmoorUtahEagle Mountain2
Spanish HighlandsUtahSpanish Fork1
Spanish TrailsUtahSpanish Fork1
Spring CreekDavisFarmington1
Spring Creek RanchUtahLehi2
Spring RanchUtahLehi1
Springside MeadowsUtahPayson1
Springview FarmsSalt LakeBluffdale1
Stansbury PlaceTooeleStansbury Park2
StillwaterUtahSaratoga Springs1
Stoneleigh HeightsSalt LakeDraper1
Summerwood EstatesSalt LakeRiverton1
Suncrest ParkDavisKaysville1
Sunflower CrossingSalt LakeDraper1
Sunset at Draper RidgeSalt LakeDraper1
Sunset Equestrian EstatesDavisKaysville3
Sunset EstatesTooeleTooele1
Sunset HillsSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Sunset PointeSalt LakeHerriman1
SycamoresSalt LakeWest Jordan2
Tanner HeritageDavisClearfield1
TerraNovaSalt LakeKearns1
TerravistaUtahCedar Hills1
Thanksgiving MeadowsUtahLehi1
The BluffsSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
The CommonsUtahPleasant Grove1
The Cottages at Dutch FieldsWasatchMidway1
The Cottages at the Rose GardensSalt LakeSandy1
The CoveSalt LakeHerriman2
The Cove at Jordan RiverUtahSaratoga Springs1
The Cove at Pleasant ViewWeberPleasant View1
The Cove at RiverwoodSalt LakeSandy1
The DistrictSalt LakeSouth Jordan1
The Falls at Boulden RidgeSalt LakeBluffdale3
The OaksSalt LakeHerriman1
The OrchardsUtahSantaquin1
The Pines at North CanyonDavisBountiful1
The Preserve at Fox HollowUtahSaratoga Springs1
The Ranches-West JordanSalt LakeWest Jordan1
The Residences at Park AvenueSalt LakeRiverton1
The Villas at Harmony PlaceDavisLayton2
Thompson PlaceSalt LakeHerriman1
Thoroughbred MeadowsWeberHarrisville1
Three ForksSalt LakeWest Jordan3
Timp CoveUtahHighland1
Tobermory RidgeSalt LakeHolladay1
Tolman FarmsSalt LakeSandy1
Trappers RidgeWeberEden1
Triple CrownWasatchHeber City1
Tuscan EstatesWeberSouth Ogden1
Val VistaUtahAmerican Fork1
Valle Di VillaSalt LakeDraper1
Valley View RanchUtahEagle Mountain1
Villages at RosecrestSalt LakeHerriman1
Vistas at WestridgeSalt LakeWest Valley City2
Walkers LandingUtahPleasant Grove1
Wasatch VillasDavisSyracuse1
Waterside TownhomesSalt LakeTaylorsville1
Weaver MeadowsDavisLayton1
West Cottonwood EstatesDavisKaysville1
West Ridge EstatesSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Westbrook MeadowsSalt LakeHerriman2
Western CreekSalt LakeHerriman1
Western FlatsSalt LakeWest Valley City1
Western SpringsSalt LakeRiverton1
Wheadon PreserveSalt LakeDraper1
Wheeler ParkWasatchHeber City2
Whisper CreekDavisKaysville1
Whisper RockUtahMapleton1
Whispering MeadowsWeberRoy1
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Top home builders

Here are the top Utah home builders currently building new home communities in Utah:

1 Utah Homes Alpine Homes Bach Homes Bangerter Homes
Benchmark Homes Blue Pine Homes Brad Reynolds Construction Brighton Homes
Building Dynamics Cadence Homes Camberlango Development Candlelight Homes
Castle Creek Homes Dakota Homes David Weekley Homes Design Builders
Destination Homes Destiny Homes DR Horton Edge Homes
Elite Craft Homes Fieldstone Homes Garbett Homes Georgetown Development
Gough Homes Hallmark Homes Hamlet Homes Hardrock Homes
Henry Walker Homes Holmes Homes Home Center Construction Ivory Homes
J. Thomas Homes JCraft Homes Knight West Homes Liberty Homes
Lodder Homes McArthur Homes Millcreek Homes Mountain Vista Homes
Nilson Homes Ovation Homes Patterson Homes Pepperdign Homes
Perry Homes Peterson Homes Rainey Homes Reliance Homes
Richmond American Homes Salisbury Homes Sego Homes Shupe Builders
Sierra Homes SunView Homes Symphony Homes Tree Haven Homes
Victory Homes Watts Enterprises Woodside Homes Wright Homes

Your home will be in good hands with any of these Utah licensed contractors.